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We need your help to choose the films that we screen at The Bear. As we don’t have to produce a programme in advance it means we can choose films monthly. So if there is a film you particularly want to see tell us. We are able to screen films as soon as they have finished their stint on the main cinema circuit. In February we had permission to screen Gravity before it was even released on DVD. Help us to make Movies at The Bear a big success and a popular monthly event. Hand in your suggestions to The Bear or e-mail We try to announce the next movie at each screening.

6 thoughts on “Movies at The Bear

  1. I was given a copy of The Hunger Games at Christmas which we had read at Wincanton Library Monday Readers. It is science fiction aimed at young adults and rated 12+. It is a bit scary at times.There are sequels coming out.
    I think it might be a good one for young people in the holidays at The Bear. You are welcome to borrow it if you are interested. I am not sure how you go about getting a licence for public showing but Lionsgate appear to be the distributors

  2. A film I would like to see is Stromboli with Anna Magnani , it is an Italian film made around 1950, Thank you

  3. Wonder if someone at The Bear might take on our email addresses and let us know what is coming up so we can plan to be there sometimes……?

    Many thanks…

    • Hi Annie
      Thanks for your comment. You caught us knapping on this one. We’re still getting used to operating from the second venue. We will try and ensure that everyone gets all the information in plenty time each month.

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